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The Prestige Elite is a sophisticated vehicle security system.

Built to the highest standards the Prestige Elite is one of the most affordable security systems available whilst also offering comprehensive protection against vehicle theft or intrusion. The Elite  is a fully upgradeable alarm system providing excellent security with two stage shock sensor, door, boot and bonnet protection, engine immobiliser and flashing warning LED plus a host of extra features normally only found on much more expensive systems.

Two Stage Protection: The two stage shock sensor allows the X1 to protect your vehicle before a break-in has even occurred. A light knock of bang will sound 3 chirps to warn the potential thief that the vehicle is alarmed. A heavier attack will sound the alarm's attention grabbing 2 tone siren.


Features: -

  • Keyless Entry (Arm / Disarm to Lock / Unlock All Doors)

  • Central Locking Automation (Suitable to All Types of Central Locking system (Negative Trigger, Positive Trigger, Positive and Negative Trigger, Pneumatic Lock, Inner Relay and Positive Loop Trigger)

  • Car Door Pulse Option

  • Anti-Hijack

  • Reminder of improper closed doors

  • Rearming (Selectable ON/OFF via remote)

  • Remote Trunk Release

  • Dual Stage Shock Sensing

  • Single Point Immobilizer

  • Panic Button

  • Silent Mode 

  • Valet Mode

  • Power-Off Memory (regain original state if power supply was cut-off)

  • LED Indicator

  • Code Learning Technology (to program new remotes)

  • Supports Window Automation (require window closer module)


Technical Specifications: -

Main Module

  • Working Voltage: 12V +/- 3V

  • Static Current: <20mA

  • Output Current (Max): Direction Light 10A, Horn 1A, Central Lock 10A

  • Working Frequency: 433MHz



  • Working Voltage: 6V

  • Battery: 2016 Lithium Battery

  • Working Frequency: 433MHz


Package Content: -

  • 1x Main Module

  • 2x  Transmitter

  • 1x Stand-alone RF Module

  • 1x Dual Stage Shock Sensing

  • 1x LED Indicator

  • 1x Manual Override Switch

  • 1x 120dB Single Tone Siren

  • 1x English User Manual

  • 1x English Fitting Instructions

(Remotes may vary from time to time)