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VW Crafter Van Alarm With Optional Text Alert

VW Crafter Fault Tolerant CAN OEM Programmable Security Upgrade System. Powered by XPRESSKIT(TM). Use OEM keyless entry remote to control arm & disarm via the CAN BUS. Directed(R) CAN BUS security systems are compatible with any remote start and can be used to activate a 561T remote start module. *Some features not available on all vehicles.


Three hardware platforms cover the three types of CANBUS systems currently in use by OEM vehicle makers; FT SW and HS. Clifford`s CANBUS systems use certified CAN transceivers to insure accurate communications without data collision and work seamlessly with all factory electronics. Directed systems do not “bit bang” data messages on the OEM bus. 

The Clifford CANBUS security systems use the OEM keyless entry remote to control arm and disarm via the vehicle’s CANBUS system communicating with the vehicle via ultra secure high-speed digital data.



  • Door, Boot, Bonnet and Ignition Protection

  • Ultrasonics Interior Movement Sensor (Shock Sensor Is Optional)

  • Battery Back Up Siren

  • Superbright LED

  • Flashes indicators

  • Horn Honk Output

  • AUX Output

GSM Paging System

The GSM Paging System is an extremely versatile system that has 8 trigger inputs 



  • 12/24 V compatible

  • Outputs can be latching or timed pulsed

  • GPS map link on every input trigger message

  • Inputs can be timed to allow you to know how long the input was active

  • No monthly subscription

  • Small package with internal GPS antenna


A PAYG or contract SIM card is required and the system can then be used for a myriad of different applications where one needs to be notified by SMS if something happens or if something needs to be controlled remotely by SMS commands.


Some examples of applications where the GSM Paging system can be used are:

  • Linked to any vehicle, boat, caravan, house or building alarm system.

  • Linked to door or gate that needs to be locked or unlocked from a remote location.

  • Linked to switch something on or off remotely.

  • Notify you if something remote is still working.

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